A note (pun intended)
About Music over
the Internet
Use the navigation buttons above to return to the galleries with MIDI background music
Use the navigation buttons above to return to the galleries
We created background music to enhance your enjoyment of the Galleries. However, to make them accessible to as many as possible, we've used MIDI technology so the quality of the music is dependent not only upon the quality of your computer's speakers, but also its sound card MIDI system. In some cases this yields poor music quality.
If you prefer, you may MUTE the Gallery Page. Then, Restart the Music
About the background music
    High quality music over the internet requires one or more of the following:
  • dowinloading and installation of special proprietary software
  • high-speed internet connection
  • a browser with advanced media streaming capabilities (and patience while the buffers load)
  • or that the music file be downloaded first and then played
We prefer not to impose these time-consuming exotic solutions on people.
As an example, here are samples of the same work in different music file formats:
Music File TypedurationFile Size
MIDI Sample - the full work4min. 9sec.14 KBytes
MP3 Sample - an excerpt of medium quality0min. 31sec.371 KBytes
We offer high-quality music files for free as samples of our Multi-media Albums
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